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    The Status Quo, Causes and Countermeasures of China's Climate Poverty  

Liu Changsong


摘要:IPCC 第五次气候变化评估报告指出,气候变化会阻碍各国减贫进程,引发新的贫困类型,导致贫困人群陷入受灾和贫困的恶性循环。气候变化与极端气候事件给我国人民生命财产、生计方式及基础设施等造成严重损失,脆弱地区和贫困群体普遍缺乏应对气候风险冲击的能力和资源,气候贫困问题由此产生。本文对我国气候贫困的现状、成因及发展趋势进行了深入分析,并辨析了气候贫困、脆弱性和生计资本之间的关系,从可持续生计视角分析了气候变化对贫困人群生计资本的影响途径。在此基础上,提出解决气候贫困问题的关键在于提升贫困群体的生计资本并实现生计多样化,努力破除气候变化与生态环境恶化两者叠加产生的致贫效应,将气候贫困纳入精准扶贫政策体系,有助于2020年全面打赢脱贫攻坚战。最后提出了应对气候贫困问题的政策建议:一是制定评价指标,建立气候贫困监测评估与预警机制;二是加强政策协同,建立气候贫困的综合应对体系;三是同步推进低碳发展与气候适应,提升贫困地区的物质资本;四是加大资金投入,提升气候贫困群体的金融资本;五是加强教育培训,提升气候贫困群体的人力资本;六是推进生态治理,提升气候贫困群体的自然资本;七是完善治理体系,提升气候贫困群体的社会资本。



Abstract: The IPCC's fifth climate change assessment report states that climate change will impede countries' poverty reduction processes, trigger new types of poverty, and cause the poor to fall into a vicious circle of disasters and poverty. Climate change and extreme climate events have caused serious losses to our people's lives, property, livelihoods and infrastructure. Vulnerable areas and poor groups generally lack the ability and resources to deal with the impact of climate risks, and the problem of climate poverty has thus arisen. This article analyzes the current situation, causes and development trends of climate poverty in China, analyzes the relationship between climate poverty, vulnerability and livelihood capital, and analyzes the impact of climate change on the livelihood capital of poor people from the perspective of sustainable livelihoods. On this basis, the keys of addressing the climate poverty is to improve the livelihood capital of the poor and diversify their livelihoods, and to eliminate the poverty-producing effects caused by the overlapping of climate change and the deterioration of the ecological environment, and integrate climate poverty into the targeted poverty alleviation policy, this will help win the battle against poverty in 2020. Finally, this paper puts forward some policy recommendations for tackling climate poverty, including establishing climate poverty monitoring evaluation and early warning mechanism, establishing a comprehensive response system for climate poverty, strengthening education and training, etc.
Keywords: Battle of Poverty Alleviation; Climate Poverty; Sustainable Livelihoods




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