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The Coordinated Development Level of RuralProduction-Living-Ecological under the Strategyof Green Growth
Xie Xianjun , Zhang Na and Zhao Zuoxiang






Abstract: To realize the sustainable development of rural areas and build livable villages, it is necessary to clarify and understand the internal logic of the integrated development of rural production, living, and ecological under the green growth strategy and coordinate the interaction between economic growth and ecology. Based on the OECD green growth strategy perspective, this paper measures the coordinated development degree and coordinated coupling index of the“Production-Living-Ecological”in China, and characterizes its' dynamic trend and convergence. The results show that the rural“Production-Living-Ecological”coordination index gradually fluctuated and increased from 1998 to 2016, and the breakpoint was in 2009 and 2010. The rural“Production-Living-Ecological”coordination coupling index average and minimum values showed gradually fluctuating upward trend. On the one hand, the σ convergence of“Production-Living-Ecological”coordination index and coordination coupling index, the former shows no significant convergence characteristics, while the latter shows significant. On the other hand, the absolute β-convergence and conditional β-convergence of the coordination index and coordination coupling index both have significant convergence characteristics, and in terms of regions, the eastern, central, and western regions all have significant convergence characteristics. Finally, this article puts forward corresponding policy suggestions for promoting the revitalization of green villages, including using technological innovation to promote the upgrading of rural industrial structures, promoting economic development models to adapt to local resource endowments, and strengthening geological disaster prediction and early warning capabilities.

Keywords: Production; Living; Ecological; Coordinated Development Index; Coordinated Coupling Index





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