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China Should Cope the Environmental Degradation andGlobal Warming with Development:
A New Structural Economics Perspective
Justin Yifu Lin





Abstract:China achieved a miraculous growth after the reform and opening up in 1978. Alongside with the rapidgrowth is a deterioration of environment. The main reason for the latter is that the economic structure has shifted froma low energy and emission intensity agrarian economy to a high energy and emission intensity manufacturing stage ofdevelopment. As China's income level continues to increase into the stage of low energy consumption and low emission based on services, environmental issues will be alleviated. However, there are some new situations at home andabroad that have determined that our government cannot rely on economic development and changes in the industrialstructure to automatically solve environmental problems. Firstly, the main contradictions of Chinese society is thecontradiction between people's increasing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. Secondly, global warming, which is rooted in the same roots as environmental degradation, has also become a global challenge. Thirdly, China is a continental country, and the cost of climate warming is mainly borne by China itself. Thesefacts decide that our government should play an active and promising role to promote the innovation and applicationof energy conservation and emission reduction technologies to improve the environment and contribute to the mitigation of global warming.
Keywords: Environmental Degradation; Climate Warming; Economic Development; New Structural Economics




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