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Evaluation of the Implementation Effect of China's Low
Carbon Pilot Policy

Ren Yayun, Cheng Fangfang and Fu Jingyan




Abstract: In response to global climate change, China has made a series of carbon emission reduction commitments and introduced a series of low-carbon policy. Among them, the low-carbon pilot policy is one of the important targeted policies, and its policy effectiveness is related to whether China's low carbon emission reduction commitment can be achieved smoothly. Therefore, this paper selects the provincial panel data from 2008 to 2015, and uses the double difference model to evaluate the low-carbon pilot policy effects, the results show that China's low carbon pilot policy significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and emission intensity. Furthermore, a series of robust tests were conducted to rule out the interference of other policies on the effectiveness of low-carbon pilot policies, and the reliability of the research results was verified. According to the research results, this paper gives specific policy recommendations from the three aspects of promoting the low-carbon pilot policy nationwide, actively exploring new low-carbon control technologies, and establishing a target system for controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

Keywords: Carbon Emissions; Low Carbon Pilot Policy; Double Difference






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