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Application and Enlightenment of Ecological Compensation for Air Pollution Control in China

Wang Huiqing and Shan Yuli





Abstract: Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government has been taken great efforts in the development of ecological civilization and considered the construction of ecological civilization as a significant strategy. One of the key tasks in the construction of ecological civilization is to control air pollution and improve air quality. At present, the air pollution control work of China is gradually entering a scientific and refined stage, various policies and measures are being actively promoted. However, it should be noted that the reality of China's heavy industrial structure, unbalanced energy structure, and irrational transportation structure have led to large total emissions of atmospheric pollutants, high intensity of emissions and insufficient funding from the government. Now China's air pollution control has come into a very important tackling phase. Under this situation, the establishment of an ecological compensation mechanism for air pollution control can not only coordinate the relevant interests of all parties involved in air pollution control, improve the efficiency of air pollution control, but also help to play a role of financial instruments to stimulate and guide the market and promote the development of ecological civilization. However, due to the complexity of the causes of air pollution and its interregional mobility, compared with other traditional fields, ecological compensation for air pollution requires higher levels of collaboration and cooperation. In this reason, the government should accelerate the establishment of market-oriented and diversified ecological compensation mechanism from the perspectives of promoting coordinated development of ecological compensation and social economy, expanding marketization and diversified compensation channels, improving investment and financing mechanisms for air pollution control, improving the ecological compensation mechanism for air pollution control and improving the ecological compensation system for air pollution control.

Keywords: Ecological Compensation; Air Pollution Control; Market-oriented Compensation Mechanism; Diversified Compensation Mechanism





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