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The Effect of Aging on Carbon Emission Reduction

Li Gang





Abstract: Aging and global climate changing are becoming two major problems in today's world. To understand the relationship between them scientifically is the basic work of sustainable development. Based on the panel data of 198 countries and regions in the world bank open database, to test the threshold effect of aging on carbon emission, this paper establishes the panel threshold model and finds that the effect of aging on carbon emission reduction is universal. Then, PSM-DID model is used to test the robustness of the conclusion. Moreover, applying mechanism analysis, it is found that aging promotes carbon emission reduction through three major effects: economic hindrance effect, technological progress effect and industrial structure effect. Finally, this paper puts forward the following policy implications, such as aging would act as a buffer against climate change. When dealing with the relationship between environmental protection and economic development, we should pay attention to their precondition of development. In the development of low-carbon economy, we should especially encourage and advocate technological innovation and industrial structure upgrading.

Keywords: Aging; Carbon Emission; Panel Threshold Model; PSM-DID; Intermediate Effect







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