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发布时间:2021-03-31作者:蔡银寅 黄有光浏览次数:137

Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Atmospheric

Environmental Resources and Its Economic Implications

Cai Yinyin and Yew-Kwang Ng





Abstract: The problem of air pollution cannot be only considered as the relationship between pollutant discharge control and pollution loss reduction, but also consider the time and space effects of pollutant emission. This paper attempts to expound the economic concept, spatial and temporal heterogeneity, and policy implications of atmospheric environmental resources from the perspective of balance between pollutant discharge and air self-purification capacity by a simple model. In this model, air pollution process is described as pollute-self-purification process, namely describing the process of air pollution that is divided into two parts: pollution and purification. Then, this paper makes an empirical analysis from the perspective of China's atmospheric environmental resources utilization. Taking China's provincial capital cities and 50 sample cities as an example, it is found that the spatiotemporal heterogeneity of atmospheric environmental resources does exist. Finally, some policy recommendations are proposed, including the spatial transfer strategy of pollutant emission and the staggered peak emission mechanism.

Keywords: Atmospheric Environmental Resources; Pollutant Emission; Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity; Air Pollution Control




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