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发布时间:2021-03-31作者:李鹏 吴文昊 郭伟浏览次数:138

The Challenges and Recommendations of Application of the Measurement-Based Monitoring Methodology in National Carbon Market

Li Peng , Wu Wenhao and Guo Wei





AbstractAs the national carbon market is about to start, it is of great practical significance to explore suitable methods for carbon emission quantification. This paper analyzes the current application status of measurement-based method in China and abroad, compares the advantages and disadvantages of the method based on accounting and the method based on continuous monitoring, presents specific issues and challenges for the application of measurement-based method in China’s  ETS. The paper suggests that, before the measurement-based method is promoted in national ETS, pilot facilities should be selected to accumulate relevant experiences, the monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation system shall be built to ensure data quality, and the coherence problems for using CEMS under traditional pollutant control system as well as the consistency between CEMS monitoring data and historical emissions data based on calculation method shall be solved.

Keywords: GHG Emissions; Measurement-based Method; CEMS; National ETS







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