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Low Carbon Transformation of Energy and Economy Aiming for the Peaking of Carbon Emission and Carbon Neutrality

He Jiankun



Abstract: President Xi Jinping proposed China’s new climate target at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, that is, to achieve peaking of CO2 emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060, which is a strategic decision coordinating the overall domestic and international situations. To achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions marks an important phrasal objective and time node for long-term carbon neutralization. The earlier the peaking time, the less the peaking amount, the better the condition for long-term carbon neutralization. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate and integrate the goals, measures, deployment and actions for peaking of carbon emission and the long-term carbon neutralization. To achieve the objectives on peaking of carbon emission and carbon neutralization, strong and effective policies and measures are required, great importance should be attached in national modernization governance, and we should also coordinate the far and the near and carry out forward deployment and action. These policies and measures include that to formulate long-term low-carbon development strategies and incorporate long-term carbon neutrality into the overall goals and strategies for building a powerful socialist country in the middle of this century. Strengthen the research, development and industrialization of deep decarbonization technology, and actively respond to international economic and technological competition concerning global carbon neutralization. Perfect the institutions in response to climate change. Combined with the fight against pollution, bring the synergistic effect of pollution decrease and carbon reduction into play. In addition, while working on domestic carbon peaking and neutralization, we should actively participate in and lead global climate governance and international cooperation so that China make its contributions to building global ecological civilization and a community of common destiny for all mankind.

Keywords: Peaking of Carbon Emission; Carbon Neutrality; Synergistic Effect of Pollution Decrease and Carbon Reduction; Global Climate Governance





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