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CN 42-1881/F



  • 2020.5(4)

压缩碳排放峰值 加速迈向净零碳





Compress Carbon Emission Peak with Orientation Towards Net Zero Carbon

Pan Jiahua




Abstract:China has declared to achieve carbon emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 to the world,which is of great significance to the promotion of the goals of the Paris Agreement and has a particularly positive and far-reaching impact on China's high-quality development. This paper explains the climate ambition of responsibility,analyzes the high-quality development opportunities of carbon emission peak with orientation towards carbon neutral and the net zero carbon transition development in the new era of ecological civilization. The orientation of net-zero-carbon development provides new impetus for building a Beautiful China, promoting ecological civilization construction and green development. We need to correctly understand the essence of carbon neutrality and work together to enhance climate resilience. Theoretically, we should also deepen the understanding of the principles and methods of climate change economics.

Keywords:Carbon Emission Peak;Carbon Neutral; Net Zero Carbon; High Quality Development; Climate Change



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