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发布时间:2022-03-31作者:张志强 杨雅茹 母广伟 李彦 田园馨 浏览次数:128

Actively Participate and Lead the South-South Cooperation on Climate Change: Situation, Problem and Countermeasures
Zhang Zhiqiang, Yang Yaru, Mu Guangwei, Li Yan, Tian Yuanxin


   AbstractSouth-South cooperation on climate change as an important part of the response to climate change, improve the ability of developing countries to address climate change through the construction of low carbon pilot, material giving and capacity building. After years of practice, the current South-South cooperation on climate change is still facing multiple challenges, for example, single working mechanism, slow progress, and competition from Europe and the United States and other countries. In order to further promote South-South cooperation on climate change, it is suggested to enhance the effectiveness of South-South cooperation on climate change from multiple perspectives and levels, such as systematically innovating work mechanisms, building evaluation mechanism, strengthening the construction of Green Silk Road and improving communication capacities.
   KeywordsTackling Climate Change; South-South Cooperation; Tripartite Cooperation; the Belt and Road Initiative