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  • 2018.3 (1)



Optimizing Low-carbon Path by Strengthening Top-level Design of Carbon Market

Fan Ying


关键词 : 碳市场,  低碳技术,  环境有效性,  顶层设计,  低碳路径

Abstract: Carbon market is an effective policy instrument for reducing carbon emissions. During the important period from the pilot program to the national carbon market construction in China, we emphasize that we should not only pay attention to the specific mechanism of the carbon market itself, but also design the carbon market from the perspective of climate change and evaluate the carbon market from the perspective of sustainable development. Carbon market should provide strong incentives for enterprises to invest more in low carbon technologies. There should be along-term mechanism to give investors reasonable expectations so as to guide the whole society to increase low carbon investment. The allowance allocation principle in the carbon market should be consistent with the goal of balanced regional development. The impact of the carbon market on the competitiveness of industries need to be well coordinated with the long-term goal of economic restructuring. At the meantime, it is also necessary to do well in collaborative design of various emission reduction policy tools. Only by doing well in top-level design can the carbon market play a unique role in addressing climate change and achieving an optimal path to low-carbon economy. 

Keywords: Carbon Market; Low-carbon Technology; Environmental Effectiveness; Top-level Design; Low-carbon Path




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