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Constructing Sustainable Trade under the Background of A Community of Shared Future for Mankind: Promoting UN SDGs by Sustainable Trade
Hu Tao and Yang Di

摘要:可持续发展是当今全人类在应对全球性的经济、社会以及环境多重问题下所提出的发展战略。联合国经过讨论于2015 年成功地达成了可持续发展目标(SDGs)的全球性共识。这一共识的达成一方面在全球范围内明确了各国在发展中所要努力的方向,更重要的另一方面是进一步加深了各国对人类社会是一个相互依存的人类命运共同体的认识。然而,在这样一份重要的,对全世界各国发展都具有深刻影响力的可持续发展目标中并不包含与可持续贸易相关的内容。贸易作为宏观经济活动的重要一个环节,对其上游(生产)和下游(消费)有着不可替代的导向作用,使得人类经济活动所带来的环境影响和贸易活动紧密联系,而且贸易本身对环境就有很大的影响。因此,缺少了可持续贸易这一重要元素的联合国可持续发展目标还是一个完整的发展战略吗?本文认为,可持续贸易是可持续发展极其重要的组成部分,并建议以可持续贸易来推动联合国可持续发展目标。主权国家应从可持续的角度出发制定贸易政策,国际社会也应以可持续的长远发展眼光,积极促进区域贸易协定和经济伙伴关系的达成。

关键词 : 联合国;可持续发展目标,  可持续贸易;人类命运共同体

Abstract: Sustainable development was proposed as a critical development strategy in response to global economic, social and environmental issues. The United Nations has reached a worldwide consensus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. The achievement of this consensus has clarified the direction that all countries strive for in development on a global scale, but more importantly, it deepens the understanding further on the fact that we human society is a community of shared future for mankind. However, there is no content directly related to the sustainable trade in such an important and influential agreement. As a crucial component of macroeconomic activities, trade plays an irreplaceable role to its both upstream (production) and downstream (consumption), which both entail the environmental impact and then established linkage between the economic practices and trade. After all, could Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be complementary and implementable without incorporating sustainable trade? As a conclusion, this paper proposes to promote UN SDGs by introducing sustainable trade. Both sovereign countries and international community should actively formulate the trade policies and regional trade agreements from the perspective of sustainability. 

Keywords: United Nations; Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); Sustainable Trade; Community of Shared Future for Mankind



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