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公共服务信息化与区域绿色创新 ——基于正式和非正式环境监管的调节作用分析

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Public Service Informatization and Regional Green Innovation: Analysis of the Regulatory Role Based on Formal and Informal Environmental Regulation

Hao Yu, Li Zhichao

Abstract: Public service informatization represents the integration of digital technology with public services, and its potential to foster urban green technological innovation remains to be fully examined. This study utilizes panel data from cities spanning 2007 to 2019 and employs a difference-in-differences model based on the National Pilot of Information for the People policy to investigate the impact and mechanisms of public service informatization on regional green innovation. The empirical results indicate that public service informatization significantly promotes regional green innovation, and this finding is robust across various tests. The positive impact is particularly pronounced in cities located in central and western regions, those with larger populations, and those with lower administrative levels. Both formal and informal environmental regulations positively moderate the effect of public service informatization on regional green innovation. The mechanisms through which public service informatization promotes green innovation include talent concentration and economic agglomeration. Consequently, it is recommended to comprehensively promote digital governance and enhance the digitization of governance processes. Government should focus on supporting large cities in central and western regions and expedite the transformation of digital governance in these areas; support and guide talent and economic agglomeration to create an innovation ecosystem; establish a robust environmental regulatory system and strengthen environmental regulations.

Keywords: Regional Green Innovation; Public Service Informatization; Environmental Regulation; Talent Pooling