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Intellectual Property Protection, Technology Gap and “Quantity Increase and Quality Improvement” of Green Innovation

Liu Yu, Zhang Shuo, Liang Dong

Abstract: Enterprise green innovation is an important driving force for China's green and low-carbon development, as well as an important channel for enterprises to improve their core competitiveness. Exploring whether intellectual property protection can improve the quantity and quality of enterprise green innovation has a significant impact on promoting the development of new quality productivity and achieving the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals. This paper takes the intellectual property demonstration city policy as a quasi-natural experiment, based on the data of A-share listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2007 to 2021 to explore the effects of intellectual property protection in improving the quantity and quality of enterprise green innovation. The results show that the demonstration cities policy has improved the quantity and quality of enterprise green innovation as a whole. However, this promotion effect depends on the technology gap. The policy significantly improves the quantity and quality of green innovation in enterprises close to the technological frontier, but the impact on quantity and quality of green innovation in enterprises far from the technological frontier is not significant. Furthermore, from the perspective of industry characteristics, policies have significantly improved green innovation in high-tech industries, industries that are not easily reverse engineered, low concentrated industries, and low-carbon industries. Increasing R&D investment and strengthening corporate social responsibility are two channels for intellectual property demonstration city policies to enhance the green innovation performance of enterprises. This paper enriches the existing research on the impact of intellectual property protection on green development from a micro enterprise perspective, providing useful policy insights for scientifically constructing intellectual property protection policies to encourage enterprises green innovation behavior.

Keywords: Intellectual Property Protection; Green Innovation; Technology Gap; Innovation Quantity; Innovation Quality