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The Situation, Challenges, and Countermeasures of Building
 a National Carbon Market Core Hub

Fang Jie

Abstract: Carbon market is a key policy tool for achieving climate goals and an important path for China to achieve the dual carbon goals. In the parallel phase of the national carbon market and the pilot carbon markets, local governments should seize opportunities, make good use of advantages, supplement shortcomings, and take multiple measures to actively build a core hub of the national carbon market. This paper examines the situation and significance of building a national carbon market core hub in China, defines the concept and connotation of the national carbon market core hub, and deeply analyzes the problems and challenges of building a national carbon market core hub locally. On this basis, five countermeasures and suggestions for local construction of a national carbon market core hub are proposed: Deepening the top-level design of pilot carbon markets and reshaping the liquidity of the carbon market. Improving the mechanism for carbon price formation and regulation, and accelerating the formation of internationally. influential carbon pricing centers. Enriching trading products, accelerating standard formulation, strengthening service functions, and promoting the construction of a national carbon finance center. Combining introduction and education, accelerating the construction of a complete industrial ecological chain and service network for carbon emission trading. Strengthening collaboration, improving work mechanisms and talent protection.

Keywords: National Carbon Market; Carbon Emission Trading; Core Hub


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