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发布时间:2023-09-28作者:聂长飞 周璇浏览次数:89

摘要:公益诉讼制度作为中国生态司法治理体系的重要组成部分,已成为新时代新征程推进生态文明建设的关键力量。本文利用公益诉讼试点这一事件构造准自然实验,基于中国 2010—2019年沪深A股重污染上市企业数据,运用双重差分模型从微观视角实证检验了公益诉讼制度对企业绿色创新的影响。研究发现,公益诉讼制度能够有效撬动重污染企业绿色技术创新。机制分析表明,该制度的实施对企业绿色创新产生了既有创新活动基础上叠加的杠杆效应,而非单纯的挤出效应。异质性分析显示,公益诉讼制度显著促进了重污染企业绿色实质性创新水平的提升。同时,公益诉讼制度对非国有企业、数字化转型程度较高企业以及低融资约束企业绿色创新能力的促进作用更强。进一步研究发现,政府环境治理力度越强、媒体关注度越高,越能充分发挥公益诉讼制度的绿色创新效应。本文丰富了法与经济学领域的相关文献,为波特假说在中国的适用性提供了最新经验证据。


Research on the Effect and Mechanisms of Public Interest

Litigation System in Inducing Green Technology Innovation

of Heavy Polluting Enterprises

Nie Changfei, Zhou Xuan


Abstract: The public interest litigation systemis an important component of China's ecological judicial governance system and a key force in promoting ecological civilization construction in the new era and new journey.With the help of the data of heavily polluted listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares from 2010 to 2019, this paper uses the public interest litigation pilot to construct a quasi-natural experiment and employs the difference-in-differences model to empirically test the impact of the public interest litigation system on green innovation of enterprises from a microscopic perspective. The results show that the public interest litigation system can effectively leverage the green technology innovation of heavily polluting enterprises. Mechanism analysis shows that the implementation of the system has produced a leverage effect on the basis of existing innovation activities, rather than a simple crowding out effect. Heterogeneity analysis shows that the public interest litigation system significantly promotes the improvement of the green substantive innovation level of heavily polluting enterprises. At the same time, the public interest litigation system has a stronger role in promoting the green innovation capabilities of non-state-owned enterprises, enterprises with high degree of digital transformation and enterprises with low financing constraints. Further research shows that the stronger the government's environmental governance, and the higher the media attention, the more the green innovation effect of the public interest litigation system can be fully exerted. This paper enriches the relevant literature in the field of law and economics and provided the latest empirical evidence for the applicability of Porter Hypothesis in China.

Keywords: Public Interest Litigation System; Heavy Polluting Enterprises; Green Technology Innovation; Leverage Effect; Crowding Out Effect



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