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The Marginal Abatement Cost of Carbon Dioxide in China's Counties: Basic Facts, Influencing Factors and Decomposition of Regional Differences

Lin FengJin Gang

Abstract: The clarification of the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide in China’s counties will help to accurately assess existing policies to reduce emissions in response to climate change and provide guidance for future policy optimization. This paper measures the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide in 1985 counties in China from2008 to 2016 based on a quadratic directional output distance function, using a stochastic frontier approach, and onthis basis provides a comprehensive analysis of the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide in counties from theperspectives of basic facts, influencing factors and decomposition of regional differences. Firstly, the average value ofthe marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide in China’s counties over the sample period is 1.66 thousand yuan perton. In the time dimension, the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide tends to decrease and then increase. In thecross-sectional dimension, the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide is lower in the East than in the Midwest.Secondly, the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxide depends not only on the scale effect of abatement represented by carbon intensity, but also closely related to the effect of industrial structure and technological innovation. Finally, the difference in marginal abatement cost is mainly between provinces rather than counties within provinces, whichimplies that a unified national carbon market that goes beyond provincial boundaries is more conducive to achievingcost effective carbon abatement. This paper suggests that the key to policy design for both command-and-control andmarket-based carbon reduction policies is to take full account of the heterogeneity of the marginal abatement cost ofcarbon dioxide across counties, and to make full use of information on the marginal abatement cost of carbon dioxidein counties to select differential emission reduction policies based on local conditions and promote inter-regional synergistic emissions reduction.
Keywords: Marginal Abatement Cost of Carbon; Influence Factor; Decomposition of Regional Differences; EmissionReduction Policy



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