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摘要:充分发挥绿色技术的关键支撑作用是加快建立和健全绿色低碳循环发展经济体系的关键。本文将智能制造试点示范项目作为一项准自然实验,以 20102021年中国A股制造业上市公司为研究对象,利用双重差分模型实证检验智能制造对企业绿色技术创新的影响效应。研究发现:智能制造能促进企业绿色技术创新水平的提高,技术整合在智能制造和企业绿色技术创新之间起正向中介作用。在异质性分析方面,智能制造对高水平和高难度的绿色技术创新活动、独立 的研发创新和前端研发生产环节的创新活动的作用会更显著;当企业规模较大、资本较为密集以及位于东部地区时,智能制造对绿色技术创新的促进效应更为显 著。研究结论可为提高企业绿色技术创新能力,进而推进制造业转型升级和高质 量发展提供理论借鉴。



Intelligent Manufacturing, Technology Integration and Green Technology Innovation

Wang Xianbin, Lin Caibin

Abstract: Giving full play to the supporting role of green technology innovation is the key to accelerating the establishment of green low-carbon circular development economy system. This article regards the intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration project as a quasi-natural experiment and takes the listed manufacturing companies of A-share in China from 2010 to 2021 as the research object. Its main purpose is to empirically test the impact of intelligent manufacturing on green technology innovation by using Difference-in-Difference model. The study finds that intelligent manufacturing can promote green technology innovation and technology integration plays the mediating role in the relationship between intelligent manufacturing and green technology innovation. In terms of heterogeneity analysis, the effect of intelligent manufacturing is more significant in high-level and high-difficulty green technology innovation activities, independent innovation activities and the innovation activities in front-end production processes. And the positive effects of intelligent manufacturing on green technology innovation are more pronounced for enterprises that are larger, capital-intensive, and located in east area. The research conclusion of this paper provides theoretical implications for improving enterprise green technology innovation and promoting the upgrading and high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Keywords: Intelligent Manufacturing; Green Technology Innovation; Technology Integration