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Global Governance of Critical Minerals Driven by Carbon Neutrality

Abstract: The challenges of climate change and the need to actively participate in the global governance of critical minerals have far-reaching implications for developing countries such as China to achieve an advantageous position in the global energy transition. In the context of carbon neutrality, the global governance system of key mineral resources presents the dual characteristics of a competitive game and a coordinated governance process. This paper analyzes analyzes the strategic mineral security risks and global governance logic driven by energy transformation. As we have stated, a traditional supply risk governance mechanism based solely on capital logic cannot meet the demands of the new era. A multi-level stakeholder approach is required for the future global governance of key mineral resources. In order to achieve supply stability, economic prosperity, and sustainability, a supply risk governance mechanism should be constructed based on national interests, forming a trinity of a restraint mechanism, an interest coordination mechanism, and a fair mechanism. Lastly, recommendations are made for the global governance of China's critical minerals in order to ensure the security of critical minerals in the light of the transformation of low-carbon economies.

Keywords: Energy Transition; Critical Minerals; Global Governance; the Partnership of Multiple Governance Entities