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Research on the ESG Performance of Heavily Polluting Enterprises Based on the Interest-driven and Core-leading Perspectives

Abstract: As countries attach importance to sustainable development, how enterprises can improve their innovation capabilities and enhance ESG performance has become a common concern in both theoretical and practical circles. Based on a sample of heavily polluting listed enterprises from 2015 to 2021, this paper examines the impact of interest-driven factors andcore-leading factors on enterprise ESG performance, and the mediating role of innovation capabilities in this process.The study found that: in terms of interest-driven factors, media attention and government subsidies have a positive impact on enterprise ESG performance, while financing constraints have a negative impact on enterprise ESG performance. In terms of core-leading factors, party organization embedding and network centrality have a positive impact on enterprise ESG performance. Innovation capability plays a mediating role in the process of interest-driven and core-leading factors affecting enterprise ESG performance. In addition, the fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis method is used to analyze the joint effects of many factors on enterprise ESG performance, and it is found that high enterprise ESG performance can be achieved through five configuration paths. Therefore, this paper proposes that when heavily polluting enterprises improve ESG performance based on interest-driven and core-leading perspectives, they should not only pay attention to the ESG preferences of stakeholders such as the media, investment institutions, and governments, but also give full attention to the advantages of party organization governance and network position. At the same time, they should also consider the best combination of different factors to improve enterprise ESG performance.

Keywords: Enterprise ESG Performance; Heavily Polluting Enterprises; Innovation Capability; Configuration Effects