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Strategies of Deepening China’s Oil and Gas Market Reform

Zhang  Dayong



Abstract: Due to COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, international energy markets have experienced unprecedented challenges: rising energy prices, frequently occurring energy crises, worsening energy security,and increasing barriers to energy transition. Being the most important elements in the energy structure of China, continuous supply of oil and gas and reduce price volatility are critical for the sustainable economic development, and is thus the main issue faced by the country. Meanwhile, energy transition is the inevitable route to achieve the carbon neutral target in 2060. In order to serve energy transition and maintain energy security, China needs to push further reforms in the oil and gas sector. This paper proposes four strategies ranging from market developments to the role of government. The main principle is to balance the need of energy transition and demand for energy security.

Keywords: Energy Security; Energy Transition; Carbon Neutrality; Climate Crisis; Oil and Gas Market Reform