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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change Governance

Kang Rong, Shi Beibei and Ren Baoping 



Abstract: Faced with increasingly severe climate change and the resulting disastrous impact, how to effectively respond to global climate change and achieve a win-win situation for the ecological environment and economic development is an important issue that is of general concern to all countries and regions. With the difficulties presented by the traditional climate change economics in the process of coping with climate change, the new concept of nature-based solutions for climate governance with multiple goals such as tackling climate change, promoting economic growth, and ensuring social well-being came into being.In view of this, this article starts from the background of the new concept of nature-based solutions climate governance, expounds the definition, connotation and characteristics of nature-based solutions, and carefully comb and analyze the research frontiers of the new concept of climate governance. The paper makes an in-depth analysis of the new concept of climate governance by combining the actual cases of the European Union and the United States and other developed countries who use nature-based solutions to respond to climate change, and analyzes nature-based solutions to reduce emissions in the practice of climate response. This article's research on the new concept of nature-based solutions for climate governance points

out directions for China to response to climate change in the future, enriches and develops the research field of new approaches to address climate change in China, and provides important reference significance for China's climate governance and reference value.

Keywords: Nature-based Solutions;Tackling Climate Change; Climate Change Adaptation; Sustainable Development



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