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发布时间:2020-09-29作者:陈浩 冯艳 魏文栋浏览次数:632

Does the Disclosure of Environmental Pollution Information

Improve Urban Technological Innovation?

Chen Hao, Feng Yan and Wei Wendong 

摘要:在中国经济进入新常态后,如何在加强环境规制的同时有效促进自主创新能力成为至关重要的问题。本文利用2005-2017 年285 个地级市的面板数据,采用DID 方法检验了中国2008 年起发布污染源监管信息公开指数对城市技术创新的作用。研究表明:第一,污染源监管信息公开指数的施行显著提升了环境污染信息公开城市的人均专利授权数量,对三种专利类型都能显著提升,另外还提升了发明专利占比。第二,环境污染信息公开的技术促进作用与城市本身特征如地理位置和发展水平存在密切联系。另外,工业化程度也对政策效应的充分发挥起着重要作用。第三,在作用机制上,环境污染信息公开不仅推动了外商对信息公开城市的投资,也改善了当地的人力资本积累。本文的研究结论为同时推进环境治理与促进技术进步升级提供了现实路径,并为之后的环境规制政策提供了新的思路。


Abstract: As China's economy entering the new normal, how to strengthen environmental regulation and effectively promote the ability of independent innovation has become a crucial issue. Based on panel data of 285 prefecture level cities from 2005 to 2017, this paper uses the DID method to test the impact of the implementation of the pollution source regulatory information disclosure index (PITI) on city technological innovation in 2008. The results indicate the implementation of the pollution source regulatory information disclosure index has significantly improved the per capita number of patent authorizations in cities with environmental pollution information disclosure, and significantly improved the three patent types. It has also increased the proportion of invention patents. Secondly, the technological promotion of environmental pollution information disclosure is closely related to the characteristics of the city itself, such as location and the level of development. In addition, the degree of industrialization plays an important role in the full play of policy effects. Finally, in terms of mechanism, environmental pollution information disclosure not only promotes foreign investment in information disclosure cities, but also improves local human capital accumulation. Our outcome highlights provides a practical path for promoting environmental governance and technology upgrading at the same time, and provides a new idea for the subsequent environmental regulation policy.

Keywords: PITI; Technical Innovation; Environmental Regulation; Quasi-natural Experiment; DID



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