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发布时间:2021-06-30作者:李仲武 冯学良浏览次数:196

Does Internet Use Improve People’s Environmental Protection Participation?

Li Zhongwu and Feng Xueliang




Abstract: In the increasingly severe situation of environmental and climate issues, how to improve people’s participation in environmental protection has become a hot topic in society. This article uses Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) in 2013 to study the impact of internet use on individual environmental protection participation. The regression results show that internet use has significantly increased individual environmental protection participation. After using instrumental variable to alleviate the endogenous bias and conducting various robustness tests, this conclusion is still valid. The heterogeneity analysis shows that the internet use effect is more obvious in the elderly, low-income groups and rural areas. Mechanism analysis finds that internet use can increase individual environmental protection participation by enhancing environmental protection knowledge and understanding of environmental pollution, and it can also reduce individual environmental protection participation by affecting users’ evaluation of government’s environmental protection quality. Based on the above findings, the paper finally puts forward differentiated and precise policy recommendations to increase people’s participation in environmental protection in the internet age, such as increasing the penetration rate of the internet among disadvantaged groups, optimizing the role of the internet in channelling information, and improving the Internet supervision of public opinion.

Keywords: Internet UseEnvironmental Protection ParticipationEnvironmental Protection Knowledge; Chinese General Social Survey




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