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Path and Mechanism for Realizing Value of the Ecological Products

Shi Minjun





AbstractThe connotation of value-realization of the ecological products is to make the tacit value of ecological products to be explicit. Since the commercial value of most ecological products cannot be explicit in the market system, mechanism design of value-realization for the ecological products is to disclose their potential tacit value in the market. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of logic to the value-realization of ecological products, one is the logic of transformation of ecological advantages into economic benefit, the other is the logic of protection of natural capital. There also are corresponding disparate paths to realize the value of ecological products: one is the market-oriented path, the other is the government coordination. In the situation of emphasizing the logic of transformation, the market mechanism should be complied and utilized adequately. By promoting the integration of natural capital, manual capital and human capital, the intrinsic value of ecological products can be disclosed and recognized commercially in the market. On the other hand, in the situation of emphasizing the logic of protection, the role of government coordination should be adopted effectively. In this case, the means of top-down transfer payment or cross-regional ecological compensation should be considered to make the ecological conservation areas be compensated economically from the areas benefiting from ecological protection, so that the external value of protecting natural capital can be turned into monetary benefits.
Keywords: Value of Ecological Products; Transformation of Ecological Advantages; Protection of Natural Capital; Manual Capital; Human Capital




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