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发布时间:2022-03-31作者:吴菲 房蕾 冯波浏览次数:70

Regional Water-Energy Nexus and Resource Scarcity Risk Assessment

Wu Fei, Fang Lei, Feng Bo



Abstract: The differences in resource endowment and the desire to maintain economic development and social stability pose great challenges to the sustainable supply of water and energy in the region. Water and energy are strongly interwoven in production and consumption activities. It is of great significance to clarify the interwoven relations and scarcity risks between water and energy to achieve the effective collaborative management. This paper proposed the water-energy nexus indicator and regional resource scarcity risk assessment model from the perspective of water energy nexus to reveal the direct and indirect water-energy nexus and the characteristics of multi-regional water-energy nexus. Also, water and energy scarcity risk in regional trade system are assessed based on Multi-regional Input-Output. Finally, a case study was conducted in the Yangtze River Delta, results show that the social economic and material flow in the region could lead to the dependence or plunder relationship among provinces. And the flow of hybrid embodied water and energy could induce regional spillover risks. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the allocation of resources to ensure the stability of resource supply. This paper provides a new perspective for the research of water-energy nexus, which could identify vulnerable provinces and sectors of water and energy scarcity and clarify the sustainability of resource supply in the whole region, to promote the exploration of effective coordinated optimization scheme of regional water and energy allocation.
Keywords:Multi-regional Input-Output Analysis; Water-Energy Nexus; Risk Assessment; Collaborative Management