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Environmental Effects for the Exploitation and Utilization of Mineral Resources: Spatial Pattern and Evolutionary Trend
Gao Wei and Li Yongsheng

摘要:本文基于我国31 个省份的面板数据,采用时序因子方法测算出综合环境污染指数,通过探索性空间数据分析(ESDA)方法,从时间和空间视角呈现各区域环境效应的空间格局和演化趋势,进一步运用空间杜宾模型,探讨影响矿产资源开发利用环境效应的因素及作用机制。研究发现,矿产资源开发的环境效应在时间上表现出“N”型演化趋势;在空间上具有显著的区域性差异,京津冀和西南地区还呈现较强的空间集聚特征。矿产资源开发利用对地区环境的负面影响主要源于能源类和非金属类矿产,金属类则影响较弱,表现出显著的时间和空间滞后特征;矿产资源开发不仅对本地区环境质量有显著作用,还通过负外部性对邻近地区产生不利影响。一方面亟需利用技术创新,提高矿产资源综合利用效率,发展绿色矿业。另一方面,加大矿区环境治理和支持力度,加强跨区域生态治理合作。

关键词 : 矿产资源开发利用,  环境效应,  ESDA,  空间杜宾模型

Abstract:Based on the panel datas of 31 provinces in China, the paper calculate the comprehensive index of environmental pollution using factor analysis method, and present the spatial pattern and evolution trend of the regional environmental effect from the view of temporal and spatial through the method of exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA). furthermore, we have explored the impact factors and mechanism of environmental effect by using the Spatial Durbin Model. The study indicates that the environmental effects of mineral resources exploitation is supposed to be an N type evolution trend in time, and present significant regional differences in spatial, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Southwest China also manifest strong spatial agglomeration. The negative effects of the mineral resources exploitation and utilization on the regional environment is mainly due to the energy and non-metallic minerals, and metal effect is weaker with significant lagging characteristics of space-time; The exploitation of mineral resources not only has a significant negative effect on the environmental quality, but also bring adversely effects on the adjacent area by the negative externality. On the one hand, it is urgent to use technological innovation to improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of mineral resources, and develop green mining industry. On the other hand, increase the support of environmental governance and restoration in mining area, and strengthen the inter-region ecological governance cooperation.

Keywords: Exploitation and Utilization of Mineral Resources; Environmental Effects; ESDA; Spatial Durbin Model



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